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  • A Moment of Appreciation

    A Moment of Appreciation

    Every night, when my busy day is over, I walk into my bedroom, and I’m immediately relaxed. Soft lighting and the calming scent of lavender oils remind me how important it is to have a room like this, and how important it is to appreciate it. I wish everyone had a special place – a…

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  • Interesting situation

    I noticed that what I post on this site from my computer vs what I post using the mobile app don’t always jive. Any other WordPress bloggers notice that?

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  • Lost Postings

    A friend of mine recently mentioned a poem I’d written a couple of years ago on my blog – and I couldn’t find it. It seems as if when I changed hosting site, not all of my material was transferred over. The lesson to myself is to make sure I have a local copy, so…

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  • Staying Silent

    Staying Silent

    Life gets busy for everyone. Between work, volunteer, and studies, there’s still the lawn to cut and housework to do. When I get a chance to actually sit and rest, my mind focuses on everything waiting to be done. Something had to change. Self care isn’t about bubble baths, face masks, and chocolate. Self care…

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  • Online Municipal Voting

    I’m an advocate for online voting because of the inclusivity it provides for persons with physical challenges, lack of transportation, or who are immune-compromised. I think it requires faith in a certain level of honesty though and unfortunately, I don’t believe everyone is honest. How does the town maintain and validate the voting list? How…

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  • Lost Friends

    Lost Friends

    They say that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. That makes sense. There were people who shared difficult times with me, people who helped me and who helped shape me into the person I became, people that I was able to help in some way, and people who…

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  • Being enough

    I lose myself sometimes And forget where I’m going, Or where to focus my energy. I feel depleted As if I’m not Doing enough Giving enough. Or working towards my “end goal”. Today I woke up and realized My priorities have changed And suddenly… I was enough I AM enough. The rest will come When…

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  • A Special Occasion

    I made a decision today to carry around a notebook with me everywhere, to motivate me to stop for a few minutes every day and write something – anything. Writing helps me to focus, which in turn helps me to calm down. So, I set about gathering all my notebooks and assembling them in the…

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  • The Fight for Equality

    The Fight for Equality

    When I entered the workforce in my late teens/early twenties, the fight for equality was just starting. When I think of where we are now, it seems almost unbelievable how far we’ve come. Women entering the workforce now have almost no idea what it was like in the 70s. I’m going to relate a couple…

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  • Celebrating Canada

    Celebrating Canada

    There’s a growing movement to cancel Canada Day celebrations this year, in light of the recent graves discovered at the residential schools and the reminder of that terrible part of our history, when children were removed from their homes on reserves and sent to schools. These schools were nothing less than re-education centres, run by…

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