Category: Poetry

  • How Will I Know?

    How Will I Know?

    It’s often hard to know.

  • Being enough

    I lose myself sometimes And forget where I’m going, Or where to focus my energy. I feel depleted As if I’m not Doing enough Giving enough. Or working towards my “end goal”. Today I woke up and realized My priorities have changed And suddenly… I was enough I AM enough. The rest will come When…

  • A Mother’s Love

    A Mother’s Love

    I remember when I was a child, being envious of my friends,who would run home and tell Mom about their day;slamming the screen door and the noise interrupting the spring sound of awak’ning.Standing in a warm kitchen, apple pie baking and she,with a whiff of flour on her cheek, radiant with smile as she listened…

  • My Prayer

    My Prayer

    Lord, please don’t let me love againI’ve done it much too often;each time I end up with a painthat words can never soften. The last time really shattered me;I’m not quite recovered yet. Perhaps a hundred years or twowill help me to forget. So please dear Lord because so muchhas happened to me before,don’t let…

  • Hot & Hazy

    Hot & Hazy

    Every afternoon, I sit and sweat while my breathing becomes heavyand my vision is mistyand I tell myselfSo this is what hell feels likeI’m not too oldJust Old enough to rememberNever NEEDINGair conditioningwhen It was only for the richand privileged and now it’s only for thosewho want to liveand breatheWe die in winter without heatWe…

  • It’s Hard

    It’s Hard

    It’s not you

  • Unsent Email

    Unsent Email

    You were never worth it.

  • This Is Not Life

    This Is Not Life

    Life is meant to be lived.

  • The Truth Will Set Me Free

    The Truth Will Set Me Free

    The truth did set me free.

  • My Glasses

    My Glasses

    I wish I didn’t cry so much.