Unsent Email

You were never worth it.

Every time you hurt me with your words,
I wrote an email
telling you
how your words made me feel
but I never sent it.
Every time you put me down,
mocked me, belittled me,
or insulted me,
I wrote an email
telling you
what an asshole you are
but I never sent it.

Every time you pushed me away,
I wrote an email
pointing out
why you’re alone
and lonely,
but I never sent it.
I looked
at my saved but unsent emails.
I saw
a pattern of behaviour
that I could not accept,
because I am worth more,
much more
than that.
I deleted
those unsent emails.

Today I realized
you aren’t worth it.
Today I finally understood

you never were. 

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By Suzette

Writer, reader, player, procrastinator, bossy pants, and slightly weird.

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