What’s up with hairstylists?

Just after Christmas, my longtime hairstylist moved from Ontario to New Brunswick. A bit far to travel. I really hate looking for a new hairstylist.

There’s a salon not too far from me called Allure. So I made an appointment and went in. The stylist, Jenn, had bleached blonde hair, with very dark roots. Not very inspiring. I thought I’d take the chance though, and try a new look. So I asked her, if you could do anything to my hair, what would you do? I was thinking perhaps a shorter, sassier look, perhaps some highlights, whatever… I was game.

Well, she had no ideas other than “match my hair colour to my eyebrows”. That meant going darker, back to my natural colour of chestnut brown. It looked really good, they gave me a scalp treatment and she styled my hair using a straightener. It looked fabulous! And for all this, I was charged $32, after taxes. Wow! I was onto something good here!

As my hair grew (which it has a tendency to do very quickly) the fact that my hair is almost completely white was very obvious with the contrast between the white and dark (now I remember why I went lighter). So, a month later, back I went. I asked for a bit of a trim this time. Okay, so the trim took off a couple of inches – no worries, it will grow back (and quickly). The charge this time was over $60. I can live with that, after all, she did cut it.

Fast forward to today – those darn roots were back, so back to Allure I went. Jenn had done her own roots, so she looked much more professional. No trim this time, just touch up the roots. I had her pull the colour through as well, since that tends to brighten up the colour. Well, she left the colour on for 45 minutes while she did others’ hair (is it good for the hair for the colour to be on that long?). Then she washed it out and blow dried it. The charge? $61. Huh? What would it have been with a trim? $80? $90?

Don’t salons usually follow a price schedule? Did I get a really good deal the first time? Was that a mistake? Hmmmm.

It looks fabulous – even though my bangs keep falling in my face. I was thinking of trying one of those root touch-up kits to stretch the time between visits, but I’m worried about ruining my hair. How dangerous can that be though, if the salon leaves the colour on for sooo long?

I think I’ll call my previous stylist in New Brunswick and get her opinion. Meanwhile, I should grab a headshot of me while I’m still looking good. Linked In, Facebook, and even this even this blog would probably look good with a photo of me.

My cheapness aside, Allure is a nice salon, and Jenn is a very good stylist. I really do look good!





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  1. halfpint42592 Avatar

    This is actually a great post and one if you don’t mind I would like to use in a future meeting. I have been a stylist for over twenty years and this is such a common complaint from clients. The first impression and the service that you receive on your first visit to the salon, should be one that is repeated every time you visit. Unfortunately, it seldom works that way.
    It is useless to give the “VIP TREATMENT” to a new client if it is not going to be consistent.
    As far as you asking her for ideas for your hair, that showed that you put your faith in her and that is huge to a hairstylist.
    This all goes back to hairstylists needing to continue their education constantly. That also includes not only hairstyling, cutting, and coloring classes, but also business and imporving customer service seminars.
    There are so many posts like these, I would really like to write a book to all those stylists that cannot figure out why they are not retaining clientele, why they are not making more money and why they are not taking advantage of the greatest industry ever!
    I wish you lived in Michgian, because one visit to the salon I work at and I am sure you’d never look for another. That is not just saying it is all about me, I work in a salon like I have never seen before. It is a true team,with an owner that is motivated and focused, there is no stylist drama and education is not an option, you will or you won’t be there.
    In closing I will say that I think it would be scary to be a client that had to randomly walk into a salon and put your trust into someone you now nothing about…

  2. suzetteleeming Avatar

    Too bad you’re so far away, or I definitely would visit you. Since I made that post, I have switched hair stylists. My hair seemed to be quite damaged – probably from the colour being left on so long. I’ve never had the courage to suggest a radical change since though. I was thinking about it last week, but then I used a root touch up kit (not bad!) and my hair was healthier (not blowdrying it at all this summer) and people started complimenting me on my hair. So, I’ll leave it longer for a while.

    Thanks for your comments – I wish more stylists felt as you do. And if you do write a book, and need someone to proofread it for you – give me a shout!

  3. halfpint42592 Avatar

    Most definately!

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