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  • 360 Degrees

    360 Degrees

    In the beginning, department stores had their own currencies and provided banking services to the community.  Store employees lived in houses owned by the company and paid rent to them. They were paid in store credits, so they could purchase the goods they needed. At some point in our society’s evolution stores and banks became separate…

  • Evolution


    Nintendo started as a trading card company. They released a few board games in the sixties. They also created Mahjong and Twister. All before they came out with a video game. An excellent example of how companies should adapt in order to stay relevant.

  • The Season for Giving

      Christmas is just around the corner. This is the time of year that embodies the spirit of giving. And yet, for so many people it’s only about receiving, and their giving is limited to their immediate circle. There is a refugee crisis happening and as we accept some displaced people into our country, the…