Who’s on Trial?

I’ve been following the Jian Ghomeshi trial and have an admission to make – when I listened to the evidence provided by his lawyer about the first two accusers, I thought “Who sends flirtatious emails to someone who has attacked Continue reading Who’s on Trial?

Ok, let’s talk: A response to the Bell Let’s Talk campaign

Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk Day. I agree, but there’s more to talk about than Bell would like to admit. This is my first time actually re-posting another blog post, but what it says is so important. You need to Continue reading Ok, let’s talk: A response to the Bell Let’s Talk campaign

At What Cost?

This may be a deep, thoughtful subject. It’s definitely going to be a controversial one. It’s also definitely a conversation worth having. It’s a conversation about choice and the right to make your own decisions. It’s about the end of Continue reading At What Cost?

2016 – The Year of Living

Happy New Year 2016! I’m not a fan of resolutions, as I think they set us up for disappointment and self-loathing. Setting a resolution tends to make us over-critical of ourselves, as if somehow we aren’t good enough just as Continue reading 2016 – The Year of Living