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  • Lost Friends

    Lost Friends

    They say that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. That makes sense. There were people who shared difficult times with me, people who helped me and who helped shape me into the person I became, people that I was able to help in some way, and people who…

  • The Best Present I Never Got

    The Best Present I Never Got

    Sometimes gifts aren’t material things.

  • Two Lost Landmarks

    Two Lost Landmarks

    Toronto has changed so much over the years, as have I. I share this memoir of my days in Toronto and two lost landmarks.

  • Flying Gazebos and Other Perils of Life

    Flying Gazebos and Other Perils of Life

    My favourite season of the year is spring, when we begin to thaw out  after the long cold winter and things start blooming. It reminds me of a promise – the promise of a warm and sunny glorious summer! Until the wasps come. Having once been stung more than 30 times, I can honestly say…

  • Happy Dad’s Day

    Happy Dad’s Day

    Any man can be a father; it takes a very special person to be a real Dad though.

  • This is Me!

    This is Me!

    Wanted to quickly share somethings, so I guess this is a “quicky” post. I did one of those stupid Facebook quizzes today – the kind of thing I tell everyone NOT to do because they’re just mining your friends and personal information. I was bored though. It resulted in a word cloud made up of…

  • Stronger, Freer – A Celebration of Canada

    Stronger, Freer – A Celebration of Canada

    If you could take a break from your career, where would your passion take you? Prepare to be inspired by a story of two brave people who are following their hearts!

  • Timeless Advice 

    Timeless Advice 

    I recently turned 60, and it’s been a surreal experience. I tell myself that I’m not “really” 60, and then I look in the mirror and realize that yes, sadly I really am. I thought I would commemorate this depressing occasion by sharing a story from my youth, that helped me to terms with growing…

  • For the Love of Books

    For the Love of Books

    I love books. All books. I hold them in the highest reverence. I love to hold them, smell them, read them, listen to them; I love hardcovers, paperbacks, audiobooks, and ebooks. I have collected leather bound books most of my adult life, especially the classic authors like Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, Shakespeare, Tolkien,…

  • 2016 – The Year That Was

    2016 – The Year That Was

    What an interesting year 2016 was! I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going in 2017.  One of the promises I made for 2016 was to try something new at least once a month. I wanted to get out of my box, and learn to enjoy life more. Theatre That decision led me to re-discover…