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  • A Mother’s Love

    A Mother’s Love

    I remember when I was a child, being envious of my friends,who would run home and tell Mom about their day;slamming the screen door and the noise interrupting the spring sound of awak’ning.Standing in a warm kitchen, apple pie baking and she,with a whiff of flour on her cheek, radiant with smile as she listened…

  • My Prayer

    My Prayer

    Lord, please don’t let me love againI’ve done it much too often;each time I end up with a painthat words can never soften. The last time really shattered me;I’m not quite recovered yet. Perhaps a hundred years or twowill help me to forget. So please dear Lord because so muchhas happened to me before,don’t let…

  • Unsent Email

    Unsent Email

    You were never worth it.

  • In Hiding

    In Hiding

    I loved a man and then I lost;And now I have to pay the costOf life alone in Solitude;A constant dark’ning of the mood. It’s not the loss that I can’t faceBut haunting mem’ries of loving days;So filled with lies and subterfuge;T’would make another want to lose. Perhaps I trusted much in haste.Now I stand…

  • Memories of Christmas Past

    For the first time in many years, I’m home on Christmas with nothing to do, except clean up from the night before since we had our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. I tried to plan something for today. I tried to find a place where I could volunteer to help serve Christmas dinner – at a shelter…