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  • A Special Occasion

    I made a decision today to carry around a notebook with me everywhere, to motivate me to stop for a few minutes every day and write something – anything. Writing helps me to focus, which in turn helps me to calm down. So, I set about gathering all my notebooks and assembling them in the…

  • Pet Peeve #2

    Pet Peeve #2

    Sometimes I just need to vent.

  • This Is Not Life

    This Is Not Life

    Life is meant to be lived.

  • Growing Pains

    Growing Pains

    A poet deaf, a poet blind, Just writing poetry of the mind. It really doesn’t mean a thing; A poem to write, a song to sing. A woman strong, a woman tall; A woman tow’ring over all. She doesn’t know now what to say; She just grows stronger every day.

  • The Dishes

    The Dishes

    Stop thinking and just do the dishes.

  • In Hiding

    In Hiding

    I loved a man and then I lost;And now I have to pay the costOf life alone in Solitude;A constant dark’ning of the mood. It’s not the loss that I can’t faceBut haunting mem’ries of loving days;So filled with lies and subterfuge;T’would make another want to lose. Perhaps I trusted much in haste.Now I stand…

  • A Defining Moment

    A Defining Moment

    There is a defining moment in everyone’s life, When we see things as they really are. When the veil of confusion and darkness is lifted And Truth stands before you. Blinding you. It will not be ignored nor pushed aside It cannot be denied. Eyes now open, they cannot close. Truth may blind you, it…

  • Forever


    It was a windy October day, and she stood at the edge of the park, lost in her own thoughts. She was alone in the park and she watched the empty swings swing back and forth, their chains rattling in the wind. The day matched her mood – solemn, reflective, and overcast. The clouds above…