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  • 360 Degrees

    360 Degrees

    In the beginning, department stores had their own currencies and provided banking services to the community.  Store employees lived in houses owned by the company and paid rent to them. They were paid in store credits, so they could purchase the goods they needed. At some point in our society’s evolution stores and banks became separate…

  • Cause of Death

    Cause of Death

    Suicide is the method of death, the cause is mental illness. Why are we afraid to say that?

  • Happy Dad’s Day

    Happy Dad’s Day

    Any man can be a father; it takes a very special person to be a real Dad though.

  • This is Me!

    This is Me!

    Wanted to quickly share somethings, so I guess this is a “quicky” post. I did one of those stupid Facebook quizzes today – the kind of thing I tell everyone NOT to do because they’re just mining your friends and personal information. I was bored though. It resulted in a word cloud made up of…

  • Stronger, Freer – A Celebration of Canada

    Stronger, Freer – A Celebration of Canada

    If you could take a break from your career, where would your passion take you? Prepare to be inspired by a story of two brave people who are following their hearts!