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  • Celebrating Canada

    Celebrating Canada

    There’s a growing movement to cancel Canada Day celebrations this year, in light of the recent graves discovered at the residential schools and the reminder of that terrible part of our history, when children were removed from their homes on reserves and sent to schools. These schools were nothing less than re-education centres, run by…

  • Stronger, Freer – A Celebration of Canada

    Stronger, Freer – A Celebration of Canada

    If you could take a break from your career, where would your passion take you? Prepare to be inspired by a story of two brave people who are following their hearts!

  • Helping Our Own

    Anyone can fall at any time. It’s up to each of us to be there to catch them when they do.

  • Empathy and Elections

    Someone I care deeply about but hadn’t seen in many years once declared, “life has been better to me than I deserve”. And he did indeed have a good life. His own law firm, world travel, a condo in Palm  Springs; a fortunate life. I’ve often thought about that phrase and I recently realized that…