Online Municipal Voting

I’m an advocate for online voting because of the inclusivity it provides for persons with physical challenges, lack of transportation, or who are immune-compromised.

I think it requires faith in a certain level of honesty though and unfortunately, I don’t believe everyone is honest.

How does the town maintain and validate the voting list? How does the municipality ensure the list is actually accurate and that those on the list either reside or own property in town?

When we file tax returns each year, we can elect to have our name added to the voters’ list, but maybe that information isn’t shared with municipalities. It certainly seems the most definitive way of ascertaining who does and doesn’t live in town.

I’m wondering this because someone I know has received ballots, with PINs for two children (of age) who moved away at least a decade ago. If she uses them to cast more than one vote (which I know she won’t), who will know?

So many in my town have had our children grow up here and then move away. Who’s keeping track? If all of them received ballots for online voting – with PINs – for each of their children, how many would be honest?

I think our election system is flawed and I won’t have faith in it until issues like this are resolved. Will my vote even matter?

Is this only happening in the town of Georgina, or do other municipalities have the same issue? How can it be resolved?

Curious minds want to know.





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