The Dishes

I’m sitting and thinking about doing the dishes.
I don’t need to do them all at once;
I can do a few and then take a break.
The water will probably need changing anyway.
That new dish soap looks more attractive, but it’s not as good
And I need to use much more.
In the time I’ve been thinking about this,
I could have started the dishes.
I really should get the dishwasher fixed;
I’ll try to remember to call on Monday.
At least I sent a message to the guy who did my floors,
So he can quote on my stairs.
I hope he’s been okay through all of this;
It’s hard when you’re starting your own business,
Being self-employed during a pandemic,
With a wife and kids to help support.
This situation has hurt so many.
We need to figure out a better way
To deal with these situations in future,
Because it’s going to happen more often –
So the experts say
And it does look that way,
With SARS and H1N1
And now this COVID-19.
Damn, I could have finished the dishes.

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