My Prayer

Lord, please don’t let me love again
I’ve done it much too often;
each time I end up with a pain
that words can never soften.
The last time really shattered me;
I’m not quite recovered yet.
Perhaps a hundred years or two
will help me to forget.
So please dear Lord because so much
has happened to me before,
don’t let me fall in love again.

Well… maybe just once more.

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2 responses to “My Prayer”

  1. Michelle Dumais Avatar
    Michelle Dumais

    Dear Lord,
    Please let her love again but this time make it right.
    She’s been through so much in just the span of just one life.
    Yet despite all of the challenges you’ve thrown at her feet,
    not once had she admitted defeat.

    She’s given the world an ocean of love,
    Yet herself just a few drops.
    And she’s been through so much heart break, it’s time that it just stops.

    She deserves to have all the love she’s shown to finally be returned.
    She’s learned all the lessons that you’ve sent for her to learn.
    So this women deserves a love so grand that it could make Aphrodite’s blush.
    She knows that it will come this time,
    so there’s no big rush.

    Dear Lord, please let her love again.
    This time, make it right.
    She deserves the world and more at the end of the night.

    1. Suzette Avatar

      Thanks sweetheart!

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