A Moment of Appreciation

Every night, when my busy day is over, I walk into my bedroom, and I’m immediately relaxed. Soft lighting and the calming scent of lavender oils remind me how important it is to have a room like this, and how important it is to appreciate it.

I wish everyone had a special place – a haven – a safe place to relax in, to meditate and reflect. It’s important to carve out time and space to create it. For some, it may be having a relaxing bath or chilling on your deck. I didn’t have a special place for too many years, and I now realize how important it is, especially for my mental health.

We spend too much of our day working, cleaning, studying – there’s so much to do and when we’re finished, we fall into bed and almost immediately fall asleep. That’s not really living, is it?

Do you have a special haven? What does it look like? Share how you unwind and tell me in the Comments. I’d love to know.






2 responses to “A Moment of Appreciation”

  1. Mary Baxter Avatar
    Mary Baxter

    Our sunroom overlooking our back garden has been our refuge since the pandemic years. And our guest room is my yoga retreat 🙏 Happy Easter 🐣

    1. Suzette Avatar

      Thanks Mary, Happy Easter to you as well!

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