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  • Online Municipal Voting

    I’m an advocate for online voting because of the inclusivity it provides for persons with physical challenges, lack of transportation, or who are immune-compromised. I think it requires faith in a certain level of honesty though and unfortunately, I don’t believe everyone is honest. How does the town maintain and validate the voting list? How…

  • Gaming the System

    Gaming the System

    Call it using a loophole, or exploiting a vulnerability – it’s all just another way to “game the system”.

  • Solidarité


    I’ve been watching/reading with so much pride, the peaceful Franco-Ontarians demonstrations across the country! So many people don’t consider me French-Canadian, but look at my name for Heaven’s sake! Only a French person would give a child this name. The fact that I no longer (yes – no longer) speak French is exactly why the…

  • The Rest of the Story

    The Rest of the Story

    I pay attention to all leadership races, because I believe sometimes it’s more important to vote for the leader instead of the party.  After all, the world needs more leaders. I find myself aligned with a lot of the values of the NDP party even though I don’t traditionally vote NDP, but I consider leaders…

  • What’s Your Political Party?

    What’s Your Political Party?

    When it comes to politics, I can be very clear in my opinions. That doesn’t mean that I’m not open to discussion or debate though, but sometimes I don’t think I make that clear enough. Let’s face it – I am not a political expert and I know I often disagree without necessarily knowing all the…