Flipside Conversation

There’s always another side to a conversation.? Or things that people are nervous to talk about. Sharing is caring though, and Flipside Conversation was created so I could share my thoughts, my opinions, and my perception of things. Thoughts and opinions, and even perceptions can be changed though through the acquisition of more knowledge, more experience.

This blog has adapted and become better defined. You’ll find a mix of topics here:

  1. Fiction and Vignettes – Just making stuff up and writing it down
  2. Poetry – Always a work in process
  3. Memory Lane – I’ll relive stories of my past and see the person I was with the eyes of today, filled with wisdom and experience
  4. Opinions – I often have strong ones and I love to discuss and debate ideas, politics, and current events – respectfully.

I invite you to join in the conversation. There is no right or wrong in a conversation and opinions and facts are always necessary to gain full understanding.

Thanks for finding the Flipside.


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