Month: March 2020

  • The Beauty of Simplicity

    The Beauty of Simplicity

    With the gentleness of a stirring breeze,I am awed by the simplicity.In God’s creations, all but oneCan live in harmony under the sun.But God’s most complex creature is doomedTo live amidst the strife and gloom.Ambiguous, they thrive on war;They kill each other and then keep score.With no respect for nature’s neutral state,They fill the world…

  • A False Sense of Normal

    A False Sense of Normal

    We repeat what we don’t repair.

  • A Defining Moment

    A Defining Moment

    There is a defining moment in everyone’s life, When we see things as they really are. When the veil of confusion and darkness is lifted And Truth stands before you. Blinding you. It will not be ignored nor pushed aside It cannot be denied. Eyes now open, they cannot close. Truth may blind you, it…

  • Just Rewards

    Just Rewards

    Some call it karma, others call it payback. I call it Just Rewards.

  • Tending the Garden

    Tending the Garden

    Sara watched him drive away and waited until his car was out of sight before she felt the warmth of her tears on her cheek. When she met him, he had been a stranger to her and after all this time he still was. But there was something about him. They’d both been through bad…