Month: February 2020

  • Frozen


    She was finally winning

  • Daily Commute

    Daily Commute

    She saw the young man sitting across from her on the train flash a look of annoyance as someone brushed his knee with her bag. She wondered why he was annoyed when he was clearly mansplaining (that is the term, isn’t it?) with one leg in the aisle. She studied him more carefully and noticed…

  • Pretending


    I am someone different to everyone that knows me. Which means that nobody knows me.

  • Forever


    It was a windy October day, and she stood at the edge of the park, lost in her own thoughts. She was alone in the park and she watched the empty swings swing back and forth, their chains rattling in the wind. The day matched her mood – solemn, reflective, and overcast. The clouds above…